South Padre island trip with le boyf

Love living by myself now. Fuck having roommates. It’s so nice to finally have my own apartment. I get to walk around naked whenever I want and be as clean and ocd as I like and have peace and quiet when I need it  :’)

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Izis Bidermanas Bord de Seine. Paris (1976)

i got out of work at 11 and decided to buy a bottle of wine to have a glass or two while doing my homework. Well, I’m not sure what happened to the homework part because now i’m just drinking wine. 

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Tejas 💕
Il pleut (at The University of Texas at Austin)


Soda Stereo - Te Para Tres

:’( fuuuuuuck. i just want to get really drunk and listen to Cerati all night i’m so heart broken right now. que en paz descanses maestro. 

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when people bing search my tumblr… O.o I didn’t even know anyone new about my abandoned blog lol

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tumblr. it’s been so long. 

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missing ze beach.