David Galstyan

finally finished my first short film documentary.


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Vincenzo Balocchi - Love in Florence, 1940s.

highly dislike how many hours a day I have to spend on my lap top, either taking notes in class, writing/editing stories, e-mailing sources, editing photos, editing videos, reading/watching the news, writing essays, doing research, watching online lectures, listening to online podcasts plus social media. Going to give my liddo eyes a break tonight and just study from my notes I printed out. I just want to go outside and read a book an actual book not one off a stupid tablet or something.

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I want to do this with you right now…but you’re letting me slip away. 

Yves Saint Laurent - Barathea tuxedo, SS 1997 // haute couture collection, Gala, March 6, 1997. Photo by Mario Testino

i don’t know what to say when people ask me if my septum piercing hurt. i want to say not as bad as my nipples but i don’t know if they’ll look at me funny. lol

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I write stories of other people, but I am so dead inside. Probably the reason why I chose this profession. 

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